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RichStitch Embroidery

4" Embroidery Design Fee

One time Digitizing Fee of $25

per new design is charged separately.

(certain exclusions apply)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Trunzo

Mostly good. You guys did forget to cut the 2nd hem off on the inside of the coat. Not a big deal I cut it myself. Overall, the service was good. What’s more important to me is transparency in billing and you guys did do that. So thumbs 👍

Jordan Steffy
Embroidery Review - Dais

Big fan of RichStitch.

The positives of the experience were timeliness, communication and flexibility. I really love the opportunity to be able to walk in with a project, get a sample, make changes and get the next iteration of the product.

Quality of the embroidery was average. Nothing bad, but nothing great.

The only negative was price. The price to get embroidery done from the manufacturer is 1/4 what I paid with you. I’m going to continue to do projects with RichStitch because I want to support, but I’d encourage you to try to get the price down and keep improving quality of the embroidery.

Grateful to have you in Lancaster.

Jordan Steffy

Joseph Allen
Casabe Xpress

Great service. Was transparent and met all requirements. As long as you send them all the requirements, you can expect great Customer Service. Stitching was excellent. 1

jonathan molina

4" Embroidery Design Fee